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4in Alocasia "Tiny Dancer"

4in Alocasia "Tiny Dancer"

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* Botanical Name: Alocasia Tiny Dancer

* Common Names: Tiny Dancer

* Description: With playful, gently curving stalks and small cupped leaves make it stand out against your collection. Tiny Dancer is a fast grower, shooting out new stalks intermittently and growing up to 20" tall.

***Very sensitive to the cold***

  • Use a peat-based potting soil that drains well.
  • Position the plant in a shaded area that receives partial sunlight.
  • Keep the temperature within 65-75℉ 
  • Fertilize every two weeks in the growing season using a diluted balanced fertilizer.
  • Avoid direct light.
  • Keep the soil moist, but not completely dry between waterings.
  • Provide high humidity.
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